Welcome to The Luxembourgish Cask Selection

Only about 200 bottles come out of an average whisky cask matured by independent bottlers

100 of them stay in the UK, where they originate

Of the remaining 100, 60 go to the US

Of the remaining 40, only 15 come into Europe

— and we’ve got 2 of them!

We’ll open one bottle for you to taste and we’ll keep the other bottle intact for you to buy!

Rare & Collectible Drams Sale!

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3,380.00 3,042.00
4,828.57 per litre
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Collectors Corner

Macallan, 1961, Sherry Wood

3,100.00 2,790.00
4,400.00 per litre
1,420.00 1,280.00
1,706.67 per litre
760.00 690.00
920.00 per litre
980.00 890.00
1,271.43 per litre
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1,400.00 1,260.00
2,000.00 per litre
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Collectors Corner

Bowmore, 1964, Bicentenary

3,900.00 3,510.00
5,200.00 per litre

Latest Whiskies

205.29 per litre
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123.43 per litre
107.43 per litre
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247.86 per litre
107.43 per litre

Why The Luxembourgish Cask Selection

I love the Variety! What catches my eye in a whisky is of course its taste, the natural color of the whisky and the packaging.
Kevin Whealton
“I love the variety of whiskies and surely taste/nose matters. Even taste varies from day to day to me, but I have to admit that sherry casked and smokey/peated whiskeys are my favorites. I just ordered a couple of bottles from your site. You’ve got a nice selection.”
Timo Nivalainen
The reason I buy your whisky is to enjoy a glas at the and of a hard day work, or the share with friends.
The company you can enjoy it in together.
David Thijs
I have about a 1000 reasons to drink whisky, so it is hard pick just one, but let me try by this: I enjoy your whisky for the unique sensation I get when I look at the glass, I smell at the glass and I finally taste this heavenly drink.
“the number one reason i buy your whiskey is I Simply Enjoy the Moment I Feel the Single Malt in My Mouth. thats it. “
I just like to collect asiatic whisky. Japan, India or Taiwan. I am always looking for interesting bottles
Whisky is the life
Gilon Eric
I buy your whisky to drink and collect, both 50%…
Hallo Stephan und Ivo, Der Hauptgrund wie so ich Whisky kaufe ist zum trinken. Schön entspannen nach ein Tag harter Arbeit. Endloss geniessen mit einen guten Whisky und ne gute Sigare, was kan mann sich mehr wünschen.

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