Welcome to The Luxembourgish Cask Selection

Only about 200 bottles come out of an average whisky cask matured by independent bottlers

100 of them stay in the UK, where they originate

Of the remaining 100, 60 go to the US

Of the remaining 40, only 15 come into Europe

— and we’ve got 2 of them!

We’ll open one bottle for you to taste and we’ll keep the other bottle intact for you to buy!

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The Cigar Malt

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Dun Bheagan


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Dun Bheagan

Ben Nevis

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Dun Bheagan


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Why The Luxembourgish Cask Selection

“Thanks for accepting me in the club and will wish tell you mine reason to buy Wishky. I drink only two these things : Old Brandy and wishky and of course wine too.”
“Hi Stephan and Ivo, The ONE reason for me to drink your whisky is the flavour. Next to this I like Irish whiskey because it’s sweeter (softer) than Scotish whisky. Best wishes for 2017”
Ad Pronk
“Hallo Stephan and Ivo Nach einem anstrengenden und ereignisreichen Tag, gibt es fast nichts besseres als ein bis zwei Gläschen leckeren Whiskys. Deshalb kauf ich gerne mal ein Fläschchen! Einen schönen Tag noch PS Tolle Seite!!!!”
Hans Borchert
Servus, was soll ich sagen, der Spruch sagt doch schon alles.
“I love the variety of whiskies and surely taste/nose matters. Even taste varies from day to day to me, but I have to admit that sherry casked and smokey/peated whiskeys are my favorites. I just ordered a couple of bottles from your site. You’ve got a nice selection.”
Timo Nivalainen
Single reason, I buy your whisky because I like it 😉
I drink a lot whisky and I invest. Mostly I drink one and I save one for later 🙂
Bas Evers
I did it! I’ve just signed up for the Club. I am so excited! Looking forward to my first delivery.
“In the early days I was a Cognacfreek, but when I realized the broad taste Whisky had I started tasting different sorts. After a while I realized for instans the India produced high Quality Whisky (Amrut) an later even Paul John in Goa. Some Fresh distilleries were also of good quality. Cognac produced i in the same area in France and the same grapes, and the same process, quite boring. Glenlivet experimental with the Triumph Barley to me it was a star.(Nadurra the early ones)”
Stefan R
I buy your good Whisky to remind me of the great times I had in Scotland
Peter Steventon

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